Four Secret Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Exhibition Stand Design is an exciting and challenging part of exhibition marketing (and the most obvious). Keep it simple and keep these four ideas in mind. A great exhibition stand design is one of the most exciting aspects of marketing. To make it a success, you should select the design at least four months before the event. Here are four tips to keep in mind during the design phase: […]

20 Tactics to Drive More Attendees to Exhibition Booths

Whose Responsibility Is to Keep Booths Busy? I can see a lot of event professionals saying it’s none of their business. Of course, but if exhibitors are not happy, it is highly likely that they won’t renew next year. See, all of a sudden it is your business. I believe there is a lot of support we can give to those kind souls who decide to purchase exhibition space at our event. I believe the role of event professionals should be similar to how governments tackle health issues. Running communication campaigns to improve citizens’ health is much cheaper than paying for expensive medical bills. In the same fashion it is much better to work with your exhibitors to provide them tactics to increase attendee traffic rather than leaving it up to them. The prize you are running for is renewal next year. […]

Where Should Your Business Should Exhibit?

Where Your Business Should Exhibit? Undertaking research about the exhibition before deciding to book is essential. Many clients fail to do this, have very poor results, and are then out of pocket and put off exhibiting at further exhibitions in the future. Simple ways of researching a show include asking the organisers for last year’s exhibitor’s lists and attendance records and speaking to the exhibitors to find out their experiences and return on investment.  […]

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How does your exhibition stand reflect your brand?

An exhibition show is potentially one of the more exciting parts of your marketing calendar – exciting because after developing your identity and brand guidelines you can focus on bringing your company identity off of the printed page or out of the screen. You are going to have to figure out how to bring your brand to life and represent it in a physical environment. Exhibition design is a chance to make that all important first impression of your company to a potential new lead and doing it well can mean the difference between gaining new business or being overlooked. […]

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10 Tips For Exhibition & Trade Show Stand Management

10 Top Tips For Exhibition And Trade Show Stand Management Running a stand at a trade show or exhibition is hard work and often exhausting. But all over the world, this is how commerce has to be conducted by many business sectors, so do make the best of it! Jeremy Thorn has managed exhibition-stands all over the world and offers some helpful tips. […]

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EXHIBITION PLANNING Know what you want to achieve from exhibiting and commit to it Planning your participation at an exhibition or trade show is about knowing what you want to achieve, the purpose for exhibiting within your overall marketing strategy and organising your exhibition logistics. Before making the commitment to exhibit, you need to set specific objectives. Consider why you might exhibit: Sales Customer Relationships Market Research Media Relations/PR Brand Building Channel Building and Support […]

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Budgeting for the build of your exhibition stand

Exhibitions can be one of the largest chunks of marketing spend and are often considered an expensive necessary evil. If considered as only a ‘flag flying exercise’ then this is almost definitely true. The reality is with care and consideration an exhibition stand can arguably offer the best ROI ratio of any form of marketing for your business. Approximately 88% of all visitors to any event are personally involved in buying the products or services on offer. […]

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Exhibition Design: Where to start? Design Brief and Budget

Exhibitions offer one of the most dynamic platforms for companies to engage with existing and potential customers, presenting a rare opportunity to bring brands to life. […]

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Plan for an Exhibition Stand

I’ve got a few tips to help you choose the right exhibition, equipment and messages to display to help drive sales and awareness: […]

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How to make business exhibitions work for you

People buy from people and in the digital world we now live in, exhibitions provide businesses with a unique marketing advantage — the opportunity to meet, connect and build rapport with prospects and customers. Here’s how to make the most of exhibitions Exhibitions can be seen as a big investment, particularly by small businesses, but by investing in the short term, you can reap the benefits in the long term, turning the leads collected at an exhibition into loyal customers. […]

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