There are many widely accessible DIY design components out there – DIY website design, brochures, collateral, etc. Why choose to hire a design firm in the age of DIY? The short answer: peace of mind. Designing an interpretive exhibit is a complex, multifaceted challenge that requires a variety of expertise to do successfully.

At Eden Group we don’t just design exhibits; we create experiences that inspire your visitor to learn about your story and your resource. “Design” as it relates to our services, includes content identification and development, copywriting, custom graphic design, ideation, concepting, development, technical drawings and details, and project management. We bring a wide array of experience and expertise to the table.


    • When you hire a credible design company, you’re paying for finely tuned services that are likely backed with years of experience. When you go it alone, or in-house, you lack the level of experience a design firm can bring. Think about building a new home. You know good and well what you want it to look like, but would you complete architectural drawings yourself? Experience brings piece of mind, reliability, and higher quality.

Knowledge Base

    • A creative staff is made of diverse minds and skill sets. Our staff’s skill sets vary from lighting & theater design, industrial and interior design, architecture and construction, to graphic design, illustration, writing, communications, and rhetoric. Can you access all of that in-house?


    • There are numerous industry guidelines, standards, and best practices that help inform good exhibit design.
    • We have created internal standards for exhibit design and graphic design that are all derived from experience. When you hire us, you know you’re getting a legible, age-appropriate, accessible, memorable exhibit that interprets your story for your visitors.


  • Process guides the progression of design from ideation to concept to final design, and facilitates necessary collaboration to make the design unique, creative, and successful. Process keeps project teams and clients on the same page, and ensures that all necessary communication happens in a timely fashion.

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