10 tips on how to get people to visit your cool exhibition stands

There’s no doubt when planning an exhibition stand there is a lot of uncertainty as whether your stand will pull in promising clients. To help, here are your top ten tips to ensure your stand acquires the most valuable clients. […]

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Why Hire an Exhibition Design Company

There are many widely accessible DIY design components out there – DIY website design, brochures, collateral, etc. Why choose to hire a design firm in the age of DIY? The short answer: peace of mind. Designing an interpretive exhibit is a complex, multifaceted challenge that requires a variety of expertise to do successfully. […]

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Plan for an Exhibition Stand

I’ve got a few tips to help you choose the right exhibition, equipment and messages to display to help drive sales and awareness: […]

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How to make business exhibitions work for you

People buy from people and in the digital world we now live in, exhibitions provide businesses with a unique marketing advantage — the opportunity to meet, connect and build rapport with prospects and customers. Here’s how to make the most of exhibitions Exhibitions can be seen as a big investment, particularly by small businesses, but by investing in the short term, you can reap the benefits in the long term, turning the leads collected at an exhibition into loyal customers. […]

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Engaging Visitors at Exhibitions

There is an investment needed to make each exhibition successful and client’s reasons for being there vary – sometimes it’s just about brand awareness – the need to be there because if they’re not then people may ask questions. For others it is to gain new leads, launch new products or even to sell product [...]

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Top 12 tips for successful exhibiting | Exhibition Design Tips

To exhibit is a big decision but the dividends in terms of raising your company’s profile, increased sales and new business opportunities, can be tremendous. […]

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Exhibition Stand Design Ideas – Games!

You have a couple of seconds to catch their attentions, and then lucky if you have a minute or two to qualify and create interest and if you are really clever you have a couple more to allow them to interact with your brand in a fun and interactive way! […]

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How to become the go-to stand at an exhibition

Exhibitions are a brilliant way of getting your brand under the nose of industry movers and shakers. But they can also be very expensive and hard work. Exhibiting at a trade fair can take a huge chunk out of your company’s marketing budget and it’s important to make sure the investment is well used. […]

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13 Last Minute tips to promote your exhibition stand and event

You have spent all your time preparing for a major event. You made all your work. Spend ages on the presentation, finding the right plinths, the right lighting. Been focused entirely on the making and creation of your work. […]

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